Lady Wisdom

Lady Wisdom

Choosing to isolate myself within this blaze
oblivious to the helping hands of grace and guidance
Considering another expedition in this twisted maze
consumed by the flames, yielding to subsidence

Wrestling with a beast that intends to defeat
waging a war in the battlefield of my mind
when I think I found victory, then a surge of heat
cowardly surrendering to the ties that bind

Where do I find shelter from the flames that abound?
How do I extinguish this before I turn to ash?
Will I ever learn to recognize the sparks before they confound?
Or am I destined to incinerate and once again crash?

I turn my ear to Wisdom as she cries out to me and you
“Stay drenched with Living Water and these flames cannot subdue”
“Don’t let your soil dry and harden, keep His Water soaking through”
“I, Lady Wisdom, stand available for all that pursue”

She’s positioned and eager to give to us her beauty
She calls out loudly to those with ears that hear
Her loveliness and benefits far surpass those of rubies
To those that seek Her, She will always appear

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