Angel of the Fire

Angel of the Fire

I am a chosen Earth Angel
Of the Most High
My wings are scorched by fire
It’s hard sometimes to fly
My motives are of pure love
Though not destined to float clouds above

I am born to fight fire
At times I break the rules
I can capture the tough ones
That the goody Angel girls would lose

I fight fire with stronger fire
I am not afraid
I walk through these flames boldly
With a spirit untamed

I reach for those that are burning
without His grace, we are all the same
The only difference between them and us
We’ve learned to call upon His Name

Walk with me a while
Join me in this battle of the blaze
Cry with me….
Shout praise with me…
Struggle with me some days

Everyone is welcome
There is something here for all
I am simply an Earth Angel
Captive of the fires wall

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