Taste of Sweet Chocolate

Taste of Sweet Chocolate

Like the taste of sweet chocolate
your lips of admiration
bodies joined together
creating an impetuous sensation

I’m inspired by the image of me
saturating your eyes
when that reflection subsides
it will then be our demise

I hunger and yearn to be wanted
because of pain from long ago
Childhood memories, I am haunted
Your commendations boost my ego

Don’t let me fool you or myself
No matter how much I deny
My hearts out of reach on a top shelf
I just desire your attention for the high

When a game is being played
There has to be someone to lose
Shower me in this flattering serenade
while together we enjoy this cruise

When the party is over
I will cry as I leave you behind
As I continue to search for my four-leaf clover
In the wide open land of mankind

Like the taste of sweet chocolate
these sensations are packed strong
but like the taste of sweet chocolate
the sweet flavor doesn’t last long

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